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    Custom Web Template Creation


      Is there anyone out there that would be interested in helping me come up with a custom web template for Lightroom 3.0 to be used for my business? My web team says that the new scripting language is beyond their skill set and I need to find someone to help. If anyone is interested I woudl like to discuss the possibilities. Thanks in advance.

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If your web team can handle PHP, can I recommend they look at SlideShowPro Director? Its API lets them create web pages using a coding language that they're more likely to enjoy.


          From your point of view, the workflow is better. With Lightroom's web templates, you will only get a static web site. If you want to add new images, you have to regenerate the site. Going down the SlideShowPro Director route, you use a Lightroom Export plug-in to send pictures to an online database, and the web page grabs images from this database. So it's much easier for you to change what's online, and much more time-efficient.


          Contact me off-forum and I can point you to more details. I've no link to SlideShowPro other than liking their products.