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    Paragrah style "Title" (~20 words), export to XMP "Title"


      Does anyone know of a way, or where to purchase a script for InDesign CS5 that will allow me to take a text box containing a PARAGRAPH STYLE that's called "TITLE" and have the cript run and place that same TITLE in the XMP, TITLE area? We are implementing an asset managment solution that will require us to key in TITLE in the asset management database, and I would like to avoid as much re-work as possible by having the Document which changes from the time it is created to final sign off, and it may go in as "Welcome to the blue room" at the assent mangement side, but the final ID document will be "Welcome to the red room". So I'd much prefer to have the ID file update the asset management file with the XMP data it creates.


      If anyone has an idea or suggestion, I'd be most appreciative.


      Thank you,