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    Major problems with Flash CS5




      I work with a big FLA, more than 400 MB, although compiled SWF is just measly 2.5 MB or so. Recently I've reached a dead end with my project, because flash eats up to something like 1.2 GB RAM and pretty much stops performing: wouldn't let me add more items to the library and keeps throwing that "low memory" message, also keeps crashing numerous times just after SWF gets compiled with "test movie". Most of the space is used by imported to the library SWF files wich automatically generate sequence of bitmap files for every frame which takes all that memory obviously. This is a huge problem and I don't know how to solve it. Is there any solution for this kind of situation?

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          mldb88 Level 2

          Not sure if I'm understanding you correctly, but did you say you were importing SWF's to the library?  Would it be possible to load the swf's externally instead using actionscript, for example create a movie clip the size of the swf file, then use the getURL function and place the name of the swf in the input field so it would read getURL("myswf");

          NOTE: it would be easiest to create a copy of all the swf files you will be using and just dump them in the same folder as your current fla.

          Been a while since I've loaded swfs like this so the AS2 syntax might be a bit off.  if worst comes to worst use the script assist to find the exact syntax used for this kind of thing.  Hope this helps.

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            darodymas Level 1

            To tell the truth that is exactly what I'm trying to avoid, because I need to work directly with a timeline of those imported SWF's. But is there any possibility to maybe use some compression on those bitmap files? Is it really necessary for them to be bitmaps, sit all the time in RAM and eat it all?

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              mldb88 Level 2

              Not too sure, I've never worked with importing SWF files, actually didn't even know it was possible until I read your post.  There MIGHT be a way of controlling the timeline of an external swf through actionscript, but I'm not entirely sure.  Otherwise, I'd say maybe downsize on the number of bmp files that get imported, getting rid of any that arent essential or get rid of them at set intervals, basically in effect dropping the frame rate of the imported swf.

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                darodymas Level 1

                I'm working with pretty high rez and decent quality 3D animations, optimizing is out of the question. Why can't flash generate png's instead of bitmaps when importing swf to the library? This is ridiculous, keeping in mind that compiled file is only 2.5 MB.