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    Premiere elements 8 - Audio stops midway through timeline playback


      Hi Everyone... I am editing together a series of mp4 shots with a separate mp3 audio soundtrack.  The audio from the vid shots is turned down or off and the music is on the soundtrack channel....


      I am on an HP Notebook w/4 gb ram, windows-7 64bit, 320 gb hd,  2.64 ghz processor... I dont have many problems with the video, its slow occasionally, but generally has worked fine.


      The audio was working fine for a while, then one time when i rendered down a rough version, i noticed the audio stopped mid way through the playback.  Before that, it was working fine.  So i went back into the editor and sure enough the audio was stopping mid way through there too.  I also noticed that the sound from the video shots continued to work fine, only the music would cut off.  since then, nothing i do restores the audio.


      I've viewed the audio wave form, everything is there, it looks fine.


      Any thoughts?  And thank you so much for any assistance!