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    How can I jump out of UI Loader image to a labeled section of the main site?

    nikolaig Level 1

      I have my entire site layout in Flash CS4 and using AS3. I am new to Flash and was able to successfully segment the site with labels, add UI Loaders to desired sections to make the site smaller and work faster, I was able to put a close button above the UI Loader, which closes it and brings a user back to a designated section of the site.


      And then I encountered a problem. I have a few images in each UI Loader which I would like to function as buttons and also bring the user to the desired section on the main site, however it seems to be a problem that the buttons are located inside the UI Loader I can not figure out how to jump out of the loader to the main site.


      Is there a specific code for it or the whole layout has to be somehow restructured?