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    CANON HV30

    dale0007 Level 1

      I use a Canon HV30 which shoots in HDV. I prefer to use it's 24psf mode wherein it takes each progressive frame and divides it into two fields then applies 3:2 pull down to make it come out at 30i (for ease of handling by non-professional).  In After Effects, I can deinterlace it and apply reverse 3:2 pull down to get 24p.  There must be a way to do this in PrePro CS5 - isn't there?  It would seem crazy to have to preprocess everything in AE!  Can someone tell me a workflow and settings to accomplish my editing in 24p as derived from an HV30?  Thanks.  dale0007

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          There must be a way to do this in PrePro CS5 - isn't there?

          Nope. AE is the only way--Adobe way, that is. Since the HV20/30 doesn't flag the pulldown frames, there is no way for Premiere to know which to remove. After Effects can scan the video for interlacing and make a (usually) accurate guess about the pulldown cadence.


          Once you create your 24p comp, just drag it into Premiere assuming you have the suite and Dynamic Link. Edit like any other 24p clip.

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            dale0007 Level 1

            Thanks Colin, I was beginning to think as much.  I suppose it's not that big

            a deal to preprocess my stuff in AE.  It is, though, disappointing that,

            given what the Production Premium package costs, the company that developed

            the algorithms and wrote the code to do the pull down in AE was unable to

            copy it into PPro where it's probably needed even more.  Upwards and

            onwards.  Dale