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    Premiere, AE, Media Encoder and title bug?

    Bantheboy Level 1

      I think I've run into a possible bug.


      I'm editing Canon 7D material with my first clip in the timeline being dynamic linked to AE. On the videotrack above I got a title. Everythings is prerendered ( greenbar above timeline).


      Exporting directly in Premiere ( with matched sequence setting ) works like a charm. Fast.


      Exporting to Media Encoder works great until it reaches the title above my dynamic linked clip. The render speed drops incredibly.


      When I redo this without the title it works in ME. So there seems to be something going on with titles above dynamic linked clips and ME.


      Can anyone confirm this?

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          steveprc Level 1

          So, just to be clear, you're having a problem playing the sequence within Premiere when it reaches the embbeded After Effects file, or encoding the file through Media Encoder simply slows down when it reaches the portion of the timeline where the AE file is embedded? If it's the latter, then it's just a matter of the encoder having to process a more robust file. It's common when there's an embedded AE sequence, and/or when there are a lot of effects applied.