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    New Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro User - Questions





           Purpose of my use is to generate PDF forms which some fields could be populated by the user.



           #1) What user documentation would you recommend (online, hardcopy)?

           #2) What's the basic life cycle to generating a PDF form?

                     ie. A) Start with a word doc, B) Import word doc in to Acrobat, C) Using Forms Tool in Acrobat to create check boxes,

                         D) Using Create New Forms Wizard Tool in Acrobat to convert in to PDF, E) Using Adobe Lifecycle Designer do Text Field Design,

                         F) Save PDF, G) Using Acrobat open saved PDF, H) Change user rights, I) Save PDF


                     Is this the typically/standard/recommend basic life cycle?

            #3) If started from a word doc. How to you tell Acrobat to introduce check boxes and such. Because if we introduce check boxes while in Acrobat we create a maintenance nightmare.


      Thanks for Your Support