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    A bit sceptical about the included Dolby Digital in PP CS5. Can someone clarify?

    FotisGreece Level 1

      Hi, I use PP CS5 at work and work mainly with HDV camcorders. Since it's stereo only we don't really want to pay extra for the surcode DD and use the default-included Adobe DD stereo at 448 Kbs.

      Before Premiere we used another NLE which had full DD 5.1 encoder with all the settings available.  So when one customer a bit complained about the low sound we figured it out and turned dialog normalisation to "-31" and the compression to "none".


      I am now wondering what happens with the Adobe Dolby Digital.What possible settings it defaults to? I mean is there a way to find out if it has some sort of included dialogue normalisation or not?


      And by the way, I have another question regarding the GOP settings when rendering to mpeg2 Blu Ray (1080i 50). Encoder says M 3 / N 12 in preset 1440x1080i HQ but M 3 /N 15 in Match Source Attributes HQ (which source is ofcourse 1440x1080i).  Which one do you think is "proper" for Hight Quality?


      Thanks in advance