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    Adobe Flash Player Settings Local Storage popup from Mafia Wars on Facebook.


      I play Mafia Wars on Facebook. I use Mac OS 10.6.5, Flash Player 10.1, and Firefox 3.6.8. Some time ago I received a popup from Zynga entitled Adobe Flash Player Settings,  Local Storage asking permission to store info on my harddrive and giving me the option to allow or deny the request. However the popup is stuck; that popup will not go away.


      I have contacted Zynga, followed their instructions, and have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash Player. all with no success. When I play this game on other computers, including PCs, that popup is not there which leads me to the conclusion that the file is on my Mac hard drive somewhere and has nothing to do with the game itself. Please tell me how to find this file so that I may delete it. It spoils my enjoyment of the game because it limits what I can do in the game.


      Thanks loads.


      Lawanda (Randall)