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    Popup box


      how to create popup box in action script using itemrenderers?

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          flex4 Level 2



                      This is little bit simple and very easy .. Extend ur class to popup class or titlewidow class .. add childs for that class that u want to add.. use this item renderer in ur program to display popup



                                   var popUp:IFlexDisplayObject = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this,MyTitleWindow,false);




                              MyTitleWindow is ur Item Renderer  ... have a nice day

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            AVKRFLEX Level 1


            Thanks,i am satisfying with Your answer,but i am expecting more from you

            My task is popup box with ,inside popup image and 2 buttons with item renderer and message text ,using action script, these are any we can use ,you know that rt?

            that i  want....please try co-operate me...



                                        Thanks & Regards,


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              rootsounds Level 4

              It sounds like you have an overly-complex perception of what popups are. Any DisplayObject can be used as a popup. Usually it's some container like a TitleWindow (which you can extend) and you can throw whatever you like into that container. If you want to pass data to the container, you will have to of course provide some properties to set.

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