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    Missing Menu Options in Flash Builder

    DavidSalahi Level 1

      I encountered a mystery surrounding several missing menu options in  one of my Flash Builder workspaces recently. I wanted to create a new  skin for a List control so I right-clicked on my skins folder and looked  for the New MXML Skin option. And I looked. And I looked some more. But  it wasn't there.

      I happened to have another copy of Flash Builder open in another  workspace so I gave it a try in that project. Sure enough, the New MXML  Skin option was there along with a couple of other options that were  missing in the first workspace. Here's a list of the menu options  missing from the File --> New menu in this workspace:

      • Flash Professional Project
      • MXML Item Renderer
      • MXML Skin

      I'm not sure why those menu options went missing but I was able to  work around it by recreating the workspace. I simply created a new  workspace, copied all of the projects into the new workspace folder and  then imported all of my projects into the new folder. I then had a full  set of menu items.

      I poked around a bit trying to figure out what went wrong but wasn't  able to find a conclusive answer. My best guess is that it has something  to do with the fact that I was previously running the Flex 4 beta and  that's when I created the workspace with the problem. I compared the  workspace .metadata folder and, curiously, there were 25 folders inside  the .plugins folder for the problem workspace but only 12 for the newly  created one.