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    CS3:- 'Symbol Definition'


      HI Folks..


      I am using CS3 to look at some code. When I select the keyframe and hit the 'F9' button the code window opens up. The 'Actions-Frame' tab is highlighted and on the left I see a pane divided into two. I am concerned with the 2nd pane that is broken into 'Current Selection', 'Scene 1' and 'Symbol Definition' .


      Under 'Symbol Definition' I see the button and movie clip symbols, I recognize them as so based on the iocns. However there are another 2 family of icons which puzzles me. It's 3 cubes; 2 of them as base (blue and brown) and one on top(blue). The other is the same with a directional arrow on it. What do these icons symbolize?? Hope someone can advise me. Thanks