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    f4v's not loading

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      I started with a flash catalyst project... exported the swf, and uploaded the deploy-to-web version to my web server. The local version I published worked perfectly. The web version loads fine, but not the videos......... I can't figure out why.


      I've doubled checked the files were all loaded correctly, and even uploaded a second copy to the root.... same results. I attempted to load only one of the videos in chrome (built in f4v player - neat eh?)... and the video loaded and played. So I tried loading the main.mxml into flash builder... and I changed the paths from simply assets/media/xxxxx.f4v to the full path http://www.pccompclean.com/etc/etc/etc and it still didn't work. At this point, its 12:30am and I want to jump out my office window from pure frustration (don't worry, I wont)....


      Please help me..............


      to test: http://www.pccompclean.com/deploy-to-web/main.html



      code from catalyst

      <fx:DesignLayer d:userLabel="videos" d:locked="true">

      <s:VideoPlayer autoPlay="true" id="videoplayer1" scaleMode="letterbox" skinClass="spark.skins.spark.VideoPlayerSkin" source="assets/media/whatDoesPcDo_WIDE101.f4v" d:userLabel="what does pc do" x="-1" y="-25" includeIn="whatDoesPcDo" color="#333333"/>

      <s:VideoPlayer autoPlay="true" id="videoplayer3" includeIn="benefitsToHr" scaleMode="letterbox" skinClass="spark.skins.spark.VideoPlayerSkin" source="assets/media/hrBenefits_WIDE100_1.f4v" d:userLabel="hrBenefits" x="-1" y="-25" color="#333333"/>

      <s:VideoPlayer autoPlay="true" id="videoplayer4" includeIn="benefitsToIt" scaleMode="letterbox" skinClass="spark.skins.spark.VideoPlayerSkin" source="assets/media/itBenefits_WIDE100_1.f4v" d:userLabel="itBenefits" x="-1" y="-24" color="#333333"/>

      <s:VideoPlayer autoPlay="false" id="videoplayer5" includeIn="satisfaction,benefitsToIt,experience" scaleMode="letterbox" skinClass="spark.skins.spark.VideoPlayerSkin" source="assets/media/whydoesPcDo_WIDE100_1.f4v" d:userLabel="whatMotivates" visible="false" x="881" y="-29"/>

      <s:VideoPlayer autoPlay="true" id="videoplayer6" includeIn="experience" scaleMode="letterbox" skinClass="spark.skins.spark.VideoPlayerSkin" source="assets/media/whatExperience_WIDE101.f4v" d:userLabel="experience" y="-25" color="#333333"/>

      <s:VideoPlayer autoPlay="true" id="videoplayer7" includeIn="howItWorks" scaleMode="letterbox" skinClass="spark.skins.spark.VideoPlayerSkin" source="assets/media/whatToExpect_WIDE100_2.f4v" d:userLabel="expect" x="-1" y="-25" color="#333333"/>

      <s:VideoPlayer autoPlay="true" id="videoplayer8" includeIn="satisfaction" scaleMode="letterbox" skinClass="spark.skins.spark.VideoPlayerSkin" source="assets/media/whatSatisfaction_WIDE100_1.f4v" d:userLabel="satisfaction" y="-25" color="#333333" x="-1"/>


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          ugh... so its 1:30am...


          and i finally found the problem.... i did a batch job on vids, reencoded  as FLV instead of F4V... voila... success......................... kind of.


          so now im left with videos that dont work... for a reason i dont understand. and 2, videos that do work, and are smaller, but at a different resolution....




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            This problem has finally been solved with some help from IT... turns out the server (Win2k3) does not have a MIME-type entry for F4V's... which makes sense, why would it have one?