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    CS5 interface slow


      Hi guys


      Straight to the chase:


      My interface in Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects (all CS5) is horridly slow. I.e. when I drag a keyframe in Ae it will refresh with ½-1 second delay in the interface. Performance in rendering is not affected, there is only this annoying lag between input and action in the interface.


      My setup is as follows:


      Dell Precision  T7500

      Dual Quad Xeon E5520 @ 2.27Ghz

      24 GB DDR3 1033Mhz RAM

      250Gb ST3250318AS

      Nvidia Quadro FX1800 768Mb Driver Version 259.12

      Wacom Intuos 3

      Windows 7 Professional 64Bit


      All latest updates have been aplied to the CS5 package.


      Anyone have an idea of what the problem could be?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Anyone have an idea of what the problem could be?


          90% of the time the driver for your graphics tablet. Unplug it and remove/uninstall the driver and kill the device in your hardware manager. Then check the Wacom pages for a suitable driver, not necessarily the latest version. Also check, how you have set up your projection area. and of course check your graphics card settings as well. You may encounter an condition of monitor res vs. the tablet at times.



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            RuneMaansson Level 1

            Good suggestion, I've had problems with those Wacom drivers before. But it didn't solve the problem to uninstall them and unplug the tablet, the lag is still present. I've even reverted to windows 7 basic theme with all "unnecessary" effects turned off to se if that would help. No dice.


            Any other suggestions?

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              I'm experiencing the same thing.  Lots of lag in AE.

              I've upgraded my rig to an i7 930 based system with 12G RAM and nVidia GTX 470, running Win7 Pro x64.

              Probably something small and overlooked, but haven't been able to find it yet on my own.


              I'd like to add my experiences to the mix and follow the thread if any other ideas are brought in to the thread.


              thanks, Mylenium, and all!

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                thank god it wasn't just me with this same problem. Looked everywhere on the net and haven't found solutions. I noticed the interface is much slower than CS4, especially when I type in the search bar, it lags for about 3-5 seconds before it finds the necessary files.


                I'm running i7 950 3.06ghz

                24GB ram 1333mhz

                Nvidia Quadro FX 1700

                Raid 10 setup

                Wacom intunous 4

                Win 7 64 bit

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                  Taverino Level 2

                  Have you tried setting "Fast Previews" (the "lightning bolt" button on the bottom of the comp panel) to one of the OpenGL options? I guess it depends on your graphics board and the nature of your composition, but actions like scrubbing through the timeline go lightning fast on my system with this option set. It seems especially noticeable with comps with 3D layers. I'm running with an nVidia GTX 480.

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                    For me the interface worked very well until I installed the latest Nvidia-driver (260.99) for my GTX 460. I'm on Win7 64 with a high-performance setup. Since I installed the updated driver everything seems incredibly sluggish, but especially the CS5 interface.

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                      warmPhase Level 1

                      Yeah, I initially updated to the golden "latest drivers", and was met with blue screens right after the Win7 splash..

                      In the process of trying to return the display adapter, I was advised to only use drivers that Windows would fetch during updates.

                      Seemed to stop the system crashing in flames suddenly, but goes against the usual mantra of "always update to the latest drivers".


                      Not to demean the mantra, of course!  It still is thebest practice until something like this comes up.

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                        konrad.haenel Level 1

                        I rolled back the drivers to 258.xx, but still no luck. I'll keep trying to fix this, but my hope isn't exactly high.

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                          konrad.haenel Level 1
                          I've upgraded my rig to an i7 930 based system with 12G RAM and nVidia GTX 470, running Win7 Pro x64

                          That's pretty much my configuration, but I have the GTX 460. The lag is really bad and inexplicable considering the overall performance of the system.

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                            konrad.haenel Level 1

                            I found out something interesting: After Effects claims I don't have an OpenGL compatible video card. I use a GeForce GTX 460 with the latest 260.22 driver. What could be the issue?


                            Edit: I also ran the Unigine benchmark in OpenGL to see whether this could be a problem with my graphics card. It isn't, the benchmark ran just fine.

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                              warmPhase Level 1

                              I also had After Effects report that nor openGL card was installed.


                              For what it's worth, I'm running driver version 258.96 on my rig, and this was installed through the regular windows update.

                              Normally, I make it a point to get drivers from their original source, but it had been suggested, so I tried it.


                              It's a bit fuzzy now, but I was in a position to be able to re-install windows without much fuss.  I think that was my eventual path.


                              Some folks recommend using Driver Sweeper in safe mode to truly eradicate all previous drivers before installing new ones.



                              good hunting!