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    Limiting users to 1 digital signature


      Hello all,


      Using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and Adobe Livecycle Designer 8.


      I have created several forms using Livecycle Designer 8 to be distributed internally.  I would like to add a Signature Field and looked into buying VeriSign signatures which i have been quoted $320 for, this is far to much to pay.  As the forms are for internal use only, is there a way that i can limit the user to creating only ONE id?


      Or if anyone has any other ideas on how to provide secure digital signatures without the price tag?


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          You can't prevent users from creating more than one digital ID, there are many tools\utilities available that can be used to create digital ID's (including Acrobat)


          You could use the "seed value" feature when creating the signature field with Adobe Designer.  You can restrict which certificates (digital id's) can be used to sign the PDF (see attached SigningCertificates.gif).  The problem in you case (when using self-signed certificates) would be that you would have to identify each and every one of your user's certificates in the signature field configuration.


          You might want to look into setting up your own certificate server (there are open source servers available), this way you can issue the digital ids (certificates) to your users.  This also means that you can specify in the signature field configuration that only certificates issued by a specific certificate server can be used to sign the document (see attached IssuersAndPolicies.gif).


          Hope this helps.



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            JHealthcare Level 1

            Thanks for your hekp with my issue.


            Another question still related to signatures however this time regarding Manage Form Data function.  I am trying to create a report that picks up the signature field, either telling me the field is empty or signed.  So like check boxes either a 0 or 1, i guess it cant pick up the any other detail from the signature.


            Is this possible?  When i create the report using Merge Data Files in Spreadsheet, it recognises all files except the signature field.


            Kind regards,