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    Maximum number of open PDF documents


      Hi everybody. I have here the following problem;


      I use a batch-file for converting AutoCAD drawings to PDF. It means that I just must select a folder which consists of CAD-drawings (e.g. *.dwg) need to be converted to pdf, and the batch automatically (one-by-one) opens *.dwg, converts it to *.pdf, saves the *.dwg, closes the *.dwg, opens the *.pdf. After batch-process (when all *.dwg drawings are converted) *.pdf-files stay open.


      Now the problem:

      E.g. I select a folder with 500 *.dwg drawings within. Then I run the batch, After creating and opening of first 50 *.pdf documents, batch process does go further, but the other 450 *.pdf documents are not open and I get 450 times the same warning (message):


      Caption: Adobe Acrobat
      The maximum number of files are already open. No other files can be opened or printed until some are closed.


      So, it means that I have to click "OK" for 450 times before I can close other 50 open PDF documents or I just need to run the Task Manager to end Acrobat.exe process.


      The batch-file is a standard for the whole company and it may not be edited.


      Now, how can I change the maximum number of open PDF documents instead? Is it possible? I couldn't find it in Acrobat Preferences.


      Thanks in advance!


      P.S. see also the screenshot: http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt158/eyeReduction/Acrobat.png