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    Is ther any file limit(size or number) in LiveCycle Workbench folder?

    Shabeer Ali



      I created an application and a folder inside that. I have 1225 files to copy to the folder. I am using 'Import' option to load the files.

      After checking in 1225 files, I am not able to see any of the files in ' Show remote resource' view. After that it is taking lot of time to open the folder in  'Show remote resource' view and it is not showing any of the files.


      Then I checked in the files block by block and noticed that the files are visible in the ’Show remote resource' view till 680 files.


      Is there any limit (size or number) for files inside a folder in AdobeLivecycle workbench application?

      Or whether this happening because of timeout during population of files in the ’Show remote resource’ views?


      Thanks in advance,