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    Brush cursor problem with photoshop CS5 MAC painting

    ghizmo2010 Level 1

      Hi all,

      i got a serious and annoying problem when i paint,and i'm going crazy because with CS4 photoshop i never got this problem





      when i paint and press with my tablet WACOM INTUOS 4 and release pen my brush cursor change aspect from circle to cursor  to OS X Mouse Cursor for a little bit second and then return to classic brush round circle repeatedly in any brush press-release -press-relase (painting)


      if i rotate my grip-pen to erase something, this "change" move cursor about 5/10 pixel and then return in start position and any work become impossible and hard.



      I tried to install the new driver wacom for a night trying to solve this problem.


      but ....at the end i give up and turn off my wacom, and i discovered that my problem isn't the tablet but Photoshop CS 5!





      if i  draw/paint with the mouse the "blink cursor joke" is the same!!!



      i'm very frustrated for this problem!


      i read a lot of forums,

      try to turn off open-gl

      try to re-install

      try this.. try that..





      please help me!!

      thank you and sorry for bad English


      PS: here is a gif example for the problem


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