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    Videoplayer seems to lose connection

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      for a long time now I am searching for the right solution.


      The mediaplayer is working very well, but after finishing the videoplay(complete event) and waiting a while (about 10 minutes) the player refuses to start again. When I set the videopath again everything works fine, but I cannot use my controlls like play or seek. I was not able to find the error. The only thing is, that the videoplayer don't finishes bufferung when this error occurs. The videos are called from FMS via RTMP. When I am not waiting this long time, I can use all my controlls when the video is finished.


      I could set the videopath again like I said above, but I am not able to track the error situation to do so.


      You may tell me where I have overseen something? Thank you very much.



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          I think what is happening is FMS is timing out and closing the connection.  When this happens you would see these events:




          So the question is, what is OSMF doing when this happens?  Can you determine what events, if any, you are getting from the MediaPlayer class when the timeout occurs?  If you are not getting any relevant event then please file a bug for this.


          - charles

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            thank you for your answer.


            I added a netStatus listener and found out, that I don't get any codes except "NetConnection.Connect.Closed" when I change the VideoelEment. What I found out is, when I wait more than 10 minutes after playing finished and then try to seek within the video I get "NetConnection.Connect.Closed". Maybe the timeout event is missing or something?


            Do I need to keep the connection alive by myself to remove this problem?


            Thank you for your help,





            There is no NetConnectionFactoryEvent.CREATION_ERROR or MediaErrorEvent.MEDIA_ERROR event fired at the moment where the player seems to lose the connection. Even play calls don't cause any error.


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