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    Burn DVD and loop


      Hi everybody!

      First of all, please excuse my English...


      Im trying, using Premiere Elements 7.0, to burn a DVD and don't find an option I need.


      I want the movie I created (about 20 minutes, no menus) to run without any stop and when it reach the end I want the dvd player replay it again continuosly.

      Is there an option to do it?


      TIA Franco

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          Download the powerful (and free) app PGCEdit here.


          There are instructions here on how to do what you are trying to do.  Premiere Elements doesn't have the capability to make a continuous DVD.




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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Further what Sharma says, most people simply use the Repeat function on the DVD player.

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              FrancoDM01 Level 1

              Thank You

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                What Shama is suggestion it to basically do your Video as Play First on the DVD (no Menus, or regular navigation), and then set the End Action for your Timeline back to itself - creating the loop.


                PrE does not allow for this directly, so one needs to either use a program like the great PGCEdit, or author the DVD in another program, like Adobe Encore (no longer available as a stand-alone, but included and installed with PrPro). I would also guess that Sony's DVD Architect can do this easily too. Steve Grisetti has written a book on that authoring program, and has also done many great articles on it, available at Muvipix. That might offer an alternative, but PGCEdit should be quick and very easy. Thanks Shama!


                Happy authoring,