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    concatenate mixed PDF and Digital Signatures




      i hope you can understand my  problem (and maybe solving or helping to solve it). I've created a PDF  with user-specific inputs from a website. The text of the document  depends on the choices and selections of the user. These choices and  selections depend on database tableentries. At the end the user gets a  customized PDF.


      The following step is the main problem, that allready  costs me a lot of headache:

      I want to place (automatically) three  Digital Signature Fields on this PDF (best case: on the fly, without  saving). I've already tried to generate a PDF with LC ES that has all  the features of my tool, but it won't work,...


      So my question is: is it  possible to concatenate one precreated digital-signature-pdf with one  just-in-time created pdf (using mpdf for php)? Or does this idea effect  that the pdf loses the property to make the pdf signable for adobe  readers?

      Is there any other way to place (flexible size) data from  a database together with digital signature fields on one pdf, without  installing additional features, or software on the client pc and  generated on a server?

      (By the way i'm trying to use opensource  apis, sdks or tools,...best way should be not to have any costs)


      I'll hope  you understand my problem and apologize my bad english;-)


      Greetings  from Germany, Dresden


      Christian P.