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    FLEX- how to serialize date type to null in web service call


      Does anyone know how to get actionscript to render a null date value '000:00:00T00:00:00' into a SOAP xml structure? I am calling a commercial web service that exposes data structures. I use one of these data structures as a parameter to a method call in the web service. The data structure has about 12 date fields and I need most of them to be null in the resulting database. The WSDL/SOAP force me to populate these fields with a date type. I can't figure out how to populate a date variable with a NULL value. The closest value I can get is '1899-11-30T00:00:00Z'. Below is the code I am using:


      var dateStr:String = "0000-00-00T00:00:00+";

      var emptyDate:Date = DateUtil.parseW3CDTF(dateStr);

      newReqData.DateTimeInit = emptyDate;


      When calling this same web service with a .Net client, it automatically puts in the null date value of '000:00:00T00:00:00' into the xml for me, if I don't populate the date field in the data structure.


      Any help would be appreciated.