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    image jump in AE/Premeire

    pjbarbour Level 1

      I have a problem with various still images jumping up in my final Windows Media file (WMV) for a Premiere Pro CS4 project I'm working on.  Basically, I have a few spots within a Premiere Pro CS4 sequence that have short AE CS4 comps.  Most of the comps behave perfectly.  The three comps that don't work have a jpeg image with some minor up and down, in and out motion.  At the beginning of one, and the end of the other two, the image mysteriously jumps up about 150 pixels for a few frames, then jumps back down to its proper space.  When scrubbing the timeline in Premiere Pro, or in AE, the error does not take place.  It is only when I export the file (and I tried other formats besides WMV, AVI, Quicktime (MOV)).  Since some of the other sections of the video have comps that work fine, it wouldn't appear to be an export thing.  Anyone have any idea? Here's a link to a five second test file I created, you'll see the error towards the end of it:


      http://www.adrive.com/public/aea0d2265aac3cf2eccef29d2d2d59658b49e243de6036ffd1b775739f858 1b1.html