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    Scaling down images to thumbnails with bilinear/bicubic filtering in Flex?


      I develop a Flex based AIR Application, which needs to create thumbnails of big images. My Thumbnailer class does what I want to, but the results look not so well. The problem is, that even with "smoothing" turned on, when drawing the bitmap smoothing only effects up-scaling.

      The thumbnails look very jagged and crisp. Photoshop uses bilinear or bicubic filtering when scaling down an image, which looks much better. I have searched the web with google and I have looked for other Flex projects using thumbnails but I could not find anything producing better thumbnail images.

      Performance is not very important because I save the thumbnails to image files and use these. So scaling does not to be real time.

      Is there a way to create better thumbnail images in Flex?