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    Loading old AS 2 into AS 3

      I created a simple AS 3.0 swf to load a few older swf files into that were created with Flash 8. I read that a AVM1Movie object is created to represent the older flash 8 swf's. I also checked the different restrictions, such as:

      The AVM1 content cannot load files into levels. For example, it cannot load files by calling loadMovieNum("url", levelNum).
      The AVM1 SWF file that is loaded by an AVM2 SWF file cannot load another SWF file into this. That is, it cannot load another SWF file over itself. However, child Sprite objects, MovieClip objects, or other AVM1 SWF files loaded by this SWF file can load into this.

      Yet, I have an old flash 8 swf that does none of those things, I believe anyway. Problem is, combo boxes also seem to have issues. Is there any way to fix this or am I missing something obvious here? Thanks in advance.