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    Hardware controller advice - Highpoint

    alexdejesus Level 1

      So, my new external hard drive failed and I had to return it to Fry's. While I was there, I looked at a couple of hardware RAID controllers on the shelf. The "Highpoint" RocketRaid brand name was all they had in stock. With prices at $150 and up I figure I better ask before making the investment. I have seen the brand "Areca" on this forum, but not Highpoint. How do they compare?


      I have 2 internal SATA drives I currently use for storage/editing. They are not in RAID. I have room for one more internal drive. I considered a 2 or 3-drive RAID setup. They had a couple of Rocketraid boards with 4 internal SATA ports, the 2310 was one.


      I still want a 2 TB external drive, but all they had at Fry's was USB 3. I don't think I can edit with USB 3, since my 2-year old computer only has USB 2 ports. I am locked into Fry's because I have a store credit, otherwise i would go elsewhere.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you have a recent motherboard, chances are you also have an ICHR10 chip on that motherboard that gives you raid0 capabilities without spending a single $.


          Highpoint is for most of their cards in the 'toys' category, just like Promise. Their 3530 cards start to get real, but still with several limitations like all too small cache memory, despite a near $ 600 price tag. Good brands are Areca, Atto and some Adaptec or LSI models.


          In your case, I would not spend any money on a Highpoint but use on-board raid capabilities.

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            alexdejesus Level 1

            Thanks. I'm glad I asked. My pc is a couple of years old. Maybe I'll pick up a couple of Caviar blacks and an enclosure.

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Very few boards in the last couple of years do not support raid. The only ones I have seen have been micro atx. If you want a small raid setup and have limited space inside the system then I would look at an external 4bay e-sata multiplexing unit. There are many options out now including units that require little to no management.