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    Importing AI Layer Names as Movie Clip Names?

    heavyboots Level 2

      Hi all,


      We've got an Illustrator file with something over 1,000 layers. We're trying to import this into Flash and keep the layer names intact, such that they become the names of the movie clips that are imported for each layer and can be used programmatically. (It is a diagram and arrows, boxes, etc all have callout names that will eventually allow them to link to a database.)


      As near as I can tell, the Import dialog will NOT pass this info across between the two parts of the dialog. Anyone have a magical suggestion for how to make it do so? We're using Flash CS4, but I have access to CS5 too if that will help.


      Thanks in advance,


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          heavyboots Level 2

          I give up.


          Dear Adobe/Macromedia engineer in charge of the Illustrator Import Filter. Please DIAF. All you had to do was copy the damned layer name across the panel into the Instance name field, but that would make it too easy!


          So, I figured I'd script around it. Wrote an Applescript that changes the color and transparency of every single item in the entire document to be unique and generates a text file annotating what was what. Then I tried to import it into Flash so that I could use that text file to reapply names to everything. IMMEDIATELY stymied though, because the effing Illustrator->Flash importer is inaccurate as HELL about what transparency number actually gets imported. I needed to use 0.1% transparency increments to be able to accomodate enough groups. As near as I can tell Flash barely supports 1% increments accurately though! WHAT THE HELL?!


          Anyways, sorry for venting, but the experience is soooo typical of the crap you run into trying to get anything done in Flash...