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    Premiere Elements 7: different problems working in timeline


      I got some strange problems working in the timeline:

      1. I cannot move some clips anymore. Mouse cursor changes to a "forbidden" symbol. I can move other ones (from the same video file) without problems. Cutting is no problem only moving.
      2. After that, when I move the mouse cursor either left or right in the whole program window the timeline scrolls horizontally and clips are not shown correctly anymore (graphics trouble as you know from other programs, you can see other programs looking through, timeline is going black in tracks) so that I cannot work anymore.


      Restarting program does not help. Yesterday restarting PC worked.

      Same troubles in a two days older version of the project file, but not in a two weeks older one (as it seems).

      I haven't tested working in another project yet. Will do this and perhaps reinstall PrEl if there's time.

      Sometimes Premiere crashes (today during autosave, yesterday ASIO...cpp errors after deactivating clip, used older version of project file to solve it, troubles moving clips before that, too)


      I don't know what's up here. I got so many troubles with PrEl. Thanks in advance.



      My data:


      HDV 1080i project with HDV 1080i and DV wide videos

      project file about 9 MB, many cuts, about 6 tracks, approx. 40 min of video in timeline


      Windows XP Home SP3

      640 GB hdd, SATA 3 Gb/s (Western Digital Caviar Green), 2 partitions: programs including PrEls settings (about 8 GB free) and data partition used for all PrEl project data (about 40 GB free)

      (and 2 other older S/ATA hdds, not used with PrEl)


      AMD Athlon dual core 64 bit 2.2 GHz, ASUS board

      2 GB RAM

      ATI Radeon X1200 onboard

      Realtek HD sound onboard


      I looked after updates for my graphics and OS.

      I do not defragment my hdds. (Perhaps I should but no time for this now.)

      No noticeable error in Windows event viewer.

      Other programs working fine.