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    Out of memory when coverting large files using Web service call


      I'm running into an out of memory error on the LiveCycle server when converting a 50 meg Word document with a Web service call.  I've already tried increasing the heap size, but I'm at the limit for the 32 bit JVM on windows.  I could upgrade to a 64 bit JVM, but it would be a pain and I'm trying to avoid it.  I've tried converted the 50 meg document using the LiveCycle admin and it works fine, the issue only occurs when using a web service call.  I have a test client and the memory spikes when it's generating the web service call taking over a gig of memory.  I assume it takes a similar amount of memory on the receiving end which is why LiveCycle is running out of memory.  Does any one have any insight on why passing over a 50 meg file requires so much memory?   Is there anyway around this?