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    P2P option in Flash 10.1


      How do i disable this option for ALL computers in my environment. We do not and will not allow P2P for any app in our environment and I need to either edit the msi script or be able to use some kind of command line switch to turn this off when I push out this insallation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      I have added property value to the MSI file of streamManager.maxP2PStreamPublish = 0 which worked in version but doesnt work in the newest version. Have added the RTMFPP2PDisable = 1 line to the MSI script as well with no results.  I have added both of these lines as well as having each one independent and the P2P option to disable is not selected as it was after deploying


      I am using SCCM to push this out as a silent installation.