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    Mixed Media Settings When Starting a Project?

    Rich Locus Level 1



      I want to add both an HDV and regular DV to the same Sequence timeline.  Possible?


      I have already read the appropriate section in the "Classroom in a Book" for Premiere CS5, and have searched the forum, but could not find an exact answer.  I will be creating a film with input from both a regular DV camera (640 X 480) with a 4:3 ratio, and an HDV camera (1280 X 720) with a 16:9 ratio.  Here are my assumptions.  Please correct me if I don't have a proper interpretation:


      (1) When creating Sequence 1, I will use the HDV 720p preset.  I will then drag the HDV video onto the timeline.  Next I will drag the non-HD video on the SAME timeline after the first video (I'm still in Sequence 1).  The classroom notes say to match the Sequence settings to the input.  But how can that be done if I want to have the DV video follow the HDV video in the same sequence?  Does Premiere CS5 somehow transform the regular DV video into the HDV preformat?  Or do I need to create a Sequence 2 with the lower video settings and somehow merge the two sequences?


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