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    Query of Queries (QofQ) Escaped Character Problem

    Homestar9 Level 1
      Hello All,

      I'm trying to run a query or queires (QofQ) and I'm doing a LIKE comparison that looks for bracket characters ([ ]) within a string, however ColdFusion is ignoring the brackets. How can I escape the bracket character? So far I have only been able to escape the percent sign based on the ColdFusion Live Docs. The error message I get when I run the query below is:

      Invalid Escape Sequence. Valid sequence pairs for this escape character are: "\%", or "\_".

      Here is the query:
      <cfquery dbtype="query" name="getLogs">
      SELECT *
      FROM GetLogs
      WHERE Description LIKE '%\[User:#UserID#\]%' ESCAPE '\'

      Thanks for your help!