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    How to create a 'window' in AE CS3

    The_Tinkerer Level 1


           I have a video of a LED scroll sign and I am making it look like my own text scrolls across. I have text I created in Photoshop, saved as a ' .tiff ' , and imported into After Effects. I have put the text in the video and gave it a starting position keyframe (off the sign) and an ending position keyframe (past the sign) and it moves from point to point 'cause of the keyframes. I tried to put a 'mask' on the layer (using the pen tool) around where the sign is (kind of acting like a 'window') so the text would only appear on where the sign is , but the mask moved with the text. How do I create a 'window' type thing for what I'm talking about?


      Sorry if I didnt explain it well, I did the best I could. If you have any questions please ask and I will try to answer.


      All help would be appreciated,