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    Keyboard shortcut problem in FlexNativeMenu


      I am developing an AIR 2 application where I use FlexNativeMenu to define the menu for application. The menu is working as expected. However, I have problem with the keyboard shortcuts defined by keyEquivalent property. The shortcuts work but they seem to be triggered no matter where the key stroke is. For example, I define a "Select All" menu item with keyEquivalent Ctrl-A. Now I put my keyboard focus on a TextInput control and press Ctrl-A. Instead of the text in this TextInput being highlighted(the default behavior), the application menu item "Select All" is triggered. I tried to register KeyboardEvent listener on the TextInput to find out what was going on. The listener never got triggered thus I had no clue where the event propagated to. Does anyone encounter similar problem? How to work around it? Thanks in advance for your suggestion.