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    Is my build enough for 1080p editing??


        I was

      wondering if my build is fast/powerful enough for 1080p editing/

      rendering/BRD burning etc.


      Here's what I have:

      CPU-Intel Core 2 Quad CPUQ6600 2.40ghz

      Video Card- ATI Radeon HD 4650



        Im also wondering if its normal for PE to take forever to boot, take forever toimport a 2gb 720p video clip. PE seems to freeze, stutter and stall whenever working with 1-3gb files, yet only 10% of my cpu is showing being used. Perhaps I have something set incorrectly in my PC setup. Any advicxe would be awesome. Thanx.

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          Mika Järvinen Level 1

          Hello Daffypuck!


          Shortly, no. I have a bit more powerful computer, more memory, three different hard drives (for maximazing the use of  I/O), and editing 720p material from 7D has been pain even after . Editing 1080p material with my computer is pure self torturing.  I have just placed an order for a new computer, having quite reasonable components with decent prize.


          Nowadays my editing has been rendering after rendering to get the job even somehow done.


          -Mika Järvinen

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I think it depends on what type of video you're trying to edit, as well as what version of the program you're using.


            If you're using version 8, by the way, be sure to go to Help and Check for Updates to ensure you have the latest patch for the program. And make sure you have the latest Windows Updates, the latest driver for your video card (from the ATI or nVidia web sites) and the latest version of Quicktime.


            Beyond that, the biggest issue is what type of camcorder your video is coming from.


            As I say in my books, Premiere Elements operates at its best with tape-based video like miniDV and HDV. It also works well with AVCHD, although that format takes considerably more power. It doesn't do so well with video from still cameras or Flip camcorders. And, whatever you edit, it's essential that your project is set up with the appropriate project setting!


            If you're working with AVCHD, you'll probably see a red line above your clips as you work. That's an indicator that you need to render regularly by pressing the Enter key. (The red lines will turn green.) If you keep your project rendered, the program should continue to run stably.

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              Mika Järvinen Level 1

              Sorry, I need to take some of my words back. I read too fast, I see. I thought you had Intel core 2 duo. Well, quad should be way better. With this computer I got Pre2 version earlier and I noticed it only used one core with my dual core system.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Can you share some details, on your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their number, speed, free-space, controller type and how you have them allocated?


                The CPU is OK for non-AVCHD material. It might work for AVCHD, but will struggle.


                I'd fill the MoBo with as much RAM, as you can fit, even if it means giving away the sticks you already have. Note: RAM is far, far better, if it matches perfectly. For a 32-bit OS, I would fill to 4 GB RAM, though you cannot use 100% of that. You can use enough to make a difference.


                As for the PrE load time, the first time that I load PrE 4, on a faster system, than yours, it DOES take a long time. I posted that same question some years back, and was told, "that's the way it is." I do admit that I can launch PrE 4 in a later session, and it does load more quickly the 2nd time around. What got me was that PrPro, AfterEffects, Illustrator, PS, Encorre, and InDesign all loaded in far less than half the time. PrE 4 just takes a long time. I assume that 7 & 8 are about the same, but do not have either. I have just learned to launch PrE, go get more coffee, and it's then sitting, waiting for me to tell it which Project I want to open. Now, my Projects in PrE are pretty small, so loading them is rather quick. Some of my giant PrPro Projects do take some time, but just getting the program open is quite quick. Why the difference? I do not know, but PrE is slow to launch.


                Good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Yes, a Quad-core should be fine for anything but AVCHD. When one gets to working with that format, a Quad-core is the absolute minimum, and a fast i7 would be far better. A pair of new Xeon's would be even better. With AVCHD, the fastest (and most) CPU's, the better.


                  You mention that you have a 3x HDD I/O. That is great, and too few have adequate HDD's. You are well ahead of the "curve." Many feel that a 2x physical HDD setup in the minimum, but my feeling is that a 3x should be the minimum. For most formats, having a stout I/O, set up for video editing, will give more noticeable performance gains, than a hot CPU, and 12GB RAM in a 64-bit OS. I/O is too often overlooked.



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                    Daffypuck Level 1

                        Thanx y'all. Here's an actual list of my build. It's from about 18 mos. ago.  If this isnt still enough info, just let me know. As far as what I'm editing, Im using the GoPro hero cam HD & a second video camera which both are H264 MP4. I actually have a 64 bit system, but Im running on 32 bit XP. I havent found XP 64 bit yet.  Do you think I should make the switch to XP 64 bit?






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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      XP 64bit is not tested or supported by Adobe... so you are pretty much on your own (with some help in these forums) if you have problems


                      Win7 64bit Pro is much better

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        As John T. points out, no Adobe program was certified for XP-64. It never made it out of beta and was basically an evolutionary dead-end. Sure, some of its code made its way into Vista-64, and a bit of it might still be hanging around in Win7-64, but it was never even an RC (Release Candidate). I'd stay far away from it, and go with Win7 Pro 64-bit. Maybe by the time that you get around to buying an OS, SP1 will be out, as MS has had some issues with the 64-bit drivers, and much of that should be cleared up by SP1. At least that is what most users are hoping.


                        Good luck,



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                          Daffypuck Level 1

                          Thanx so much for y'alls input, but Im a bit confused with

                          y'alls ambiguity.  Do I have sufficient power to do 1080p editing of H264 Mp4 videos?

                          Also, what does having 3 HDD have to do with performance??

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9
                            Also, what does having 3 HDD have to do with performance??

                            Well, everything. If one is doing AVCHD material, then the CPU is # 1. For everything else, the I/O is #1. With H.264, it is biased to about 60% I/O and 40% CPU.