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    A query with respect to Flex 3 States

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,

      I am new to Flex3. states

      I have started with a sample application , but i couldn't able to understand some of the things in Flex 3 States . Please help .



      This is my sample Application what i am trying :


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
              <mx:State name="bad">
                  <mx:SetProperty target="{label1}" name="text" value="Bad Day!"/>
                  <mx:SetProperty target="{linkbutton1}" name="label" value="Go Good"/>
                  <mx:SetEventHandler target="{linkbutton1}" name="click" handler="this.currentState='vgood'"/>
              <mx:State name="vgood" >
                      <mx:SetProperty target="{linkbutton1}"  name="label" value="Go Good"/>
              x="255" y="191"
              text="Good Day !"
              fontSize="22" id="label1"/>
              x="255" y="98"
              label="Go To Bad Day" 
              click="this.currentState='bad'" id="linkbutton1"/>


      Please see the above code , It is working fine , but i am having some questions related to it .

      Please tell me whether  Is it possible to know under what state the Application is currently in ??


      Thnaks in advance .