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    Very frequent crashing with AE CS5

    Modus21 Level 1

      So I was setting up a pretty lengthy project.. just importing all the files I needed and organizing them. When I was done, I dragged the first piece of footage to the timeline and started scrubbing quickly to find the spot I wanted when BAM. Total system freeze. Figuring it was a one time thing (since I had done a couple projects in the same exact environment already with zero problems), I restarted my PC and re-opened the project. Started scrubbing... this time my PC restarted itself. Now I was starting to get scared. It's only been two weeks since I paid the $500 to get the Production CS5 Suite.. the second biggest investment I've ever made in my short life.


      Anyway.. this time I tried switching the project to another drive. Started scrubbing when an ear-shattering stuttering sound came through my headphones and my PC froze yet again. At this point I started considering a career change. So now I start researching.. Adobe says OpenGL is likely the problem so I went in and disabled it (did not open the project). Immediately after disabling, another crash.. this time a black screen. Rebooted... removed the GTX 470 hack that gave me access to the Mercury Engine. Opened the project.. crash. Rebooted once more thinking the hack may need a reboot to be removed. As soon as I clicked on the AE shortcut, I crashed again, said some things that would make sailors blush, and made myself a sandwich to calm my nerves.


      I'm so close to calling Adobe and begging for my license to be switched over to the Mac version so I can do my work on my MacBook Pro. The PC headaches these past few years.. have aged me, I tell you.


      Maybe someone can help, though. My system is completely stable until I open AE which must open some portal to hell. My specs are as follows:


      i7 920 @ 2.67GHz (no overclock)

      GTX 470 (no overclock)

      12GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600

      Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium

      750 Watt PSU (to rule out any power problems)


      Other things I've tried:


      Disabling multiprocessing

      Scrubbing through different footage from various sources

      Deleting the preferences files

      Avoiding thoughts about the gaping hole in my bank account



      Anyone? Ideas? Help...

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Please check your system event viewer. BSODs and other hard crashes always produce a log entry staing the crashing module. In any case, the cause is your graphics card. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you shot yourself in the foot by buying something that most hardware gurus consider utter crap by NVidia. You should have gone with a cheaper 3xx series card or even a 1xx one. Your footage (AVCHD?) is handled via MediaCore and that in itself uses acceleration features independent of OpenGL. It just cannot do its thing properly because the drivers and the card are rubbish...



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            Modus21 Level 1

            I'll sell my 470 for whatever I need then. I've always had a wary eye on my GPU and all this intensive editing but I saw a lot of posts saying the mercury engine was running well on 470/480.


            What cards do you suggest that are around the ballpark of $250 or less? Is it worth it to invest in a workstation card?


            And can anyone confirm that the 470 has poor drivers? I don't mean to offend the above poster, but you can never be sure. I always double check.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              For AE, any 120 buck ATI 56xx, 57xx, 58xx will do as will a GeForce 320 or similar. If you can, try to dig up a GeForce 285 somewhere. Works perfectly with all CS5 and supports Mercury in Premiere.



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                Modus21 Level 1

                I'll look into it.. but I just don't understand this. I'm scrubbing through the same footage in Premiere as fast as possible trying to induce a crash and it won't happen. This is a problem exclusive to AE then? Why would AE handle video drivers any different than another program in the same suite?


                Obviously, I'm not IT and I really wish I could grasp this sort of stuff.


                EDIT: Wait.. didn't Adobe announce that they're adding Mercury Engine support for Fermi cards? Specifically the 470/480? I really thought I read that somewhere. Why would they add support to cards with awful drivers?

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Half of OpenGL is a driver thing. Sure, eventually this will level off and Adobe may it support in their apps, but the question is, whether you would rather wait half a year for this to happen or be able to do your work now. I know which one I'd prefer... As to why the apps respond differently, is neither here nor there, as they say. Of course they share a huge part of the code, but there may be just enough of a difference to cause a crash. Can even be something secondary not apparent easily to the devs...



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                    Modus21 Level 1

                    Well.. I opened the project on a MacBook and the footage scrubs fine. I finished a lengthy Roto brush comp and now I'm trying to render.. It freezes halfway and the preview is not showing the Roto work I've done. I chose Quicktime format and RGB + Alpha for the channels.


                    I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm seriously considering the possibility that a higher power does not want me to do my project.

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      The After Effects CS5 (10.0.1) update is available:



                      This update addresses many crashing issues and some Roto Brush issues. After you've installed the update, please let us know whether it works for you.


                      If  you have any problems with the update, or if you have bugs to report   after you've installed the update, please let us know through the usual   channels:


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                        Modus21 Level 1

                        Nice! That's a massive update for the suite. I see you guys added official support for the GTX 470's use of Mercury Playback. Very exciting