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    Live Photoshop 3D




      i was amazed when i found out that this was possible but was very pissed to find out that I cant make this work. when i import it, the .psd file is just a 2d image like a normal boring picture in the composition. it doesn't have any cameras or null obejct in it. i've done everything but for some reason my after effects can't read the .psd file with the 3d layers or there's something wrong with my photoshop.


      when i right click it (02:53 on the video) a message appears:


      after effects error: no photoshop 3d layers were found


      importing it and enabling live photoshop 3d  like in the video doesn't work for me


      so basically what i've done is open a .3ds or .kmz or. DAE (since i can export models in three different formats and from what i've been told photoshop can handle them) i didn't do anything to them and just saved them as a .psd. then i imported them in after effects clicking the live photoshop 3D and making it a composition. after that it just imports it just like a normal 2d image without a camera and null object inside a composition.


      i have cs5 of photoshop and cs4 of after effects.


      thanks in advance!