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    CS5 PPro Record plugin offset bug

    Jiangping Zhu

      In "Capture Settings", if set "Timecode Offset" to -1, PremierePro will pass the wrong information to Record plugin.



      If it is IN/OUT capture, the timeCode in recCapParmsRec8 has no change (same as when offset is 0), frameCount has no change (good). Therefor, -1 offset is not applied.


      If it is batch capture, the timeCode in recCapParmsRec8 has one less (good), but frameCount also has one less (wrong). Therefor, it captured one frame less then specified.



      Another problem caused by this is, since offset parameter is not passed to Record plugin. Record plugin cannot adjust the timecode metadata written to the file.

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Jiangping,


          Thanks for your report!  The behavior where frameCount differs based on the Timecode Offset is a bug.  I'm seeing it happen for both in/out capture and batch capture.  It's been logged with tracking #2704054.


          The timecode sent to the recorder should already have the timecode offset value factored in.  For example, when batch capturing a clip at 25 fps, from 10:00 to 11:00, with the timecode offset set to 10 frames, your recorder should receive recmod_PrepRecord8 with recCapParmsRec8.timeCode set to 250 + 10 = 260 frames.  So the timecode offset should be factored in recCapParmsRec8.timeCode, and that should be what you need to know the adjusted timecode.






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            Jiangping Zhu Level 1

            Hello Zac,


            Giving a correct recCapParmsRec8.timeCode value is enough for adjusting video frames capturing, but not enough for matching timecode to the frames.


            i.e. in 25 fps, capturing from xx:xx:10:00 to xx:xx:20:00, the picture in 10:00 is "ZERO", the picture in 20:00 is "Two Hundred Fifty". Due to the hardware/system error, the captured result is "ONE" in xx:xx:10:00. Therefor, you adjust the offset to -1(or 1),  PPro tells the recorder to start capture at timecode xx:xx:09:24 and capture 250 frames, recorder will capture the frames from "ZERO" to "Two Hundred Fifty" (which is good), but will match them to the timecode xx:xx:09:24 to xx:xx:19:24. Writing this timecode to the meta data of the video files is not correct, and there is no way to adjust it.





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              Zac Lam Adobe Employee

              Hi Jiangping,


              Good point.  I've logged this with tracking #2708838.


              I suppose if you needed to get this working in 5.0.1, you could provide your own Timecode Offset entry control in your Capture Settings or Device Control dialog.