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    Localization - Text in progress bar and combo box coming rtl and in mirror

    US Ladha



      I have an existing project on Flex 3.2 and I am thinking of using FB4. Hence I imported the project in FB4 and used the compatibility mode, made it compilable.


      I compiled my localization file using this command


      mxmlc -locale=en_US -source-path=locale/{locale} -include-resource-bundles=index,SharedResources,charts,collections,containers,controls,co re,datamanagement,effects,formatters,logging,messaging,rpc,skins,styles,validators -output en_US.swf


      After doing this, the progress bar text is coming right to left like arabic, but its english language, and its mirrored.


      Can somebody tell me where i am going wrong.


      Meanwhile I am moving back to Flex Builder 3.