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    I think I found a timecode bug...maybe


      Maybe one of you guys tell me what i'm doing wrong.  I'm working with version 5.0.1 and I like to set the timecode sync points when I edit music vids.  I load the clip into the source window like i've done many times before.  I mark my cue and proceed to open clip>modify>timecode and proceed to select set at current frame.  Now I went back to my CS4 machine and this works like a charm, the footage will begin at the specified frame at the time I designate.  Now in CS5 when I perform this task the clips time code is changed at the begining.  So if I wanted it to be 01:10 at 5 seconds in it is severely offset but is changed to 1:10 at the beginning of the clip, not at the current frame.  Any ideas?