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    Robohelp.... about extension robohelp's file


      Hi to evryone..



      I am the very new person for Robohelp,Still i hav'nt this software. but i looking to use this.

      i hav some basic question it.it is very simple for u but important for me..

      plz help me...


      1. what is the file extension of robohelp file after creating this..is it html file or not??

      2.can we write down directly in robohelp or we hav to must use editor like ms word,notepad..etc??

      3. how to integrate this robohelp file in our project. our project is in java or jsf??

      4. what is best edition or version for me use.??


      please please answer such question. i very confusing about all this question....

      thanks in advance. it w'l takes ur valuable time but i hepls me lot..




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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi opsmca and welcome to the RH forums. So many questions so let's get to them


          1. The file extension from a RH project depends on the type of output being produced. Threre are many different output types available depending on your needs. I outlined these in a recent blog post which you can read here.
          2. The RoboHelp product is in fact two beasts. The first RoboHelp for Word uses Word as its editor creating RTF files which are then compiled. However this is little used these days. The other application is RoboHelp HTML which has its own in built WYSIWYG editor (it looks similar to Word) that creates the underlying HTML used to render the documentation topics. With this you can still have writers writing in Word or FrameMaker and then import this into RoboHelp. You can even dynamically link Word or FrameMaker files to your RoboHelp HTML project making the process of getting any updates very easy.
          3. The answer to this question depends on the output type you are using (see question 1). Each output type has its own deliverable and as such requires a different method of integration. You may also want to consider how context sensitive help calls are handled. My advice though is not to fall into the trap of saying you need JavaHelp just because your app is Java.
          4. RoboHelp 8 is the current version and is the only one you're likely to find in the shops. If you want to use simulations, FrameMaker in any shape or form you may want to consider buying the Adobe Technical Communication Suite. The latest version is 2.5 and includes RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Captivate, Acrobat Professional and assorted other applications and utilities.


          Finally I'd really recommend that you at the very least download a RoboHelp trial. This is a fully working version that you can use for 28 days. It should give you a good idea of further questions to ask! There are also a number of useful RoboHelp resources you can tap into:


            The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            You can try RoboHelp within the Technical Communication Suite without downloading it.




            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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              opsmca Level 1

              Thanks to you for giving me your valuable time n knowledge.


              actually my system ram is 1GB or windows xp 2000.


              1. plz tell the exact hardware requirement for robohelp?

              2. what is

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5

                Your system requirements are OK. Check out what is required here.


                The Technical Communications Suite is a collection of Adobe applications (of which RoboHelp is one) that provides you with many benefits. However it is not for everyone. It sounds like your work will be limited solely to the production of help documentation with no software simulations. If so, you probably won't need it.


                RoboHelp must be installed and run locally so a server is not required. Output from RoboHelp can be placed on a server if you require. There is even a product called RoboHelp Server that can be used to host RoboHelp output and produce statistical reports. This is a separate licence from RoboHelp.


                  The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew
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                  opsmca Level 1


                  heartly thanks to u for giving such valuable information so quickly.

                  let me know that if i doesn't require full suit then may i can download only robohelp.



                  can i create search button in help file.. is there any direct tool for that.

                  within two or more days i hav to start work robohelp so if further any stuff

                  comes then i concern with you. n i hope i get same responce...




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                    RoboColum(n) Level 5

                    If I was you I'd download the trial version of RoboHelp and start playing with it. You will have questions but you can ask them on these forums. A Search button can be easily included as part of your output.


                      The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew