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    dynamic content two levels deep not showing up

      I’m building a site with a flash shell / skin.
      Every sub navigation section is a Dynamic .swf
      // load swf

      Each of those sub sections is dynamically pulling content.

      //init TextArea component
      mmText.html = true;
      mmText.wordWrap = true;
      mmText.multiline = false;
      //load css
      vsStyle = new TextField.StyleSheet();
      mmText.styleSheet = vsStyle;

      //load in XML
      vsContent = new XML();
      vsContent.ignoreWhite = true;
      vsContent.onLoad = function(success)
      mmText.text = vsContent;

      I can NOT get the second level of Dynamic content to display threw the shell.....
      I know I can move everything into the shell level, but it's going to be a pain...

      It there any reason why flash will not display dynamic content 2 dynamic levels deep?

      anyone, anyone....?