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    How do I enter special text characters?

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I am trying to type in a Spanish name with the letter "ñ". I am cutting and pasting from the Windows character map, but AE will not let me paste. Please I need a fix to this.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Does this glyph actualyl exist in the font you are using? Is your system language properly set up? In what language do you run AE?



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            alexdejesus Level 1

            What do you mean "does the glyph exist"? It is the ñ character very common in the Spanish language. I am using the Times New Roman font for crying out loud. I am running English, but that should not matter.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't know why your copy and paste isn't working. Here's how to type special characters in manually.


              The ñ is an "Accented Latin" character and you should be able to open up the character map in Windows (or on a Mac the Character Viewer) and find the code for that character. If I remember right it's 0241. What you do is hold down the alt key and then type 0241. If that's not right then just open up your character map and you should find it. If you can't find the Windows Character Map tool try a google search.


              BTW, other common alt + character codes are:

              0176 for •

              0247 for ÷

              0188 for ¼

              0189 for ½

              0190 for ¾

              0169 for ©

              0174 for ®


              Just hold down the Alt key and enter the number code with the numeric keypad.


              This is basic typography on a windows machine. It works in any app that I've ever used. I think the codes are all correct. I have only used a Windows machine occasionally in the past 4 years. On a mac you just have to hold down the option key and press a single key. For the Mac users out there it's


              Option + 0 for º

              Option + g for ©

              Option + r for ®

              Option + / for ÷

              of my favorite Option + v for √


              I hope this helps. I'm off to get a piece of π

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                What do you mean "does the glyph exist"?


                A glyph is the visual representation of a letter, a syllable, an idiogram, etc. "Characters" in the strikt sense is a wrong term, as this merely refers to how the  input range of the character identifier codes are mapped to specific glyphs, they just happen to coincide for basic ASCII rangers as they have existed since the primordial soup of computers. Anyway, end of geek lesson. If you are using Times and the machine is properly set to a Western locale, you should have no issues. The only thing I could imagine is some otehr external app interferring and either intercepting the inputs or preventing the clipboard from functioning. May be something like a messaging tool sleeping in your tray area or a minimized office app. Also of course some tool could have assigned global system-wide shortcuts somewhere. In any case, try the direct input method Rick was already laying out. One other thing to do: Turn off the "show font names in English" in the type panel and similar options. Sometimes combinations of these things simply hide specific ranges. should not happen with a font that has foll Unicode support and pretty much al lessential glyphs in it, but you never know. Same would apply to faux caps, italic, bold etc. that may prevent the glyph from rendering....



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                  alexdejesus Level 1

                  It got too late last night and I could not continue.


                  Thanks Mylenium for the geek lesson. Now I feel stupid on top of frustrated. Lol! Anyway, call it what you will - it doesn't work.


                  Copy and paste from the character map to another application and it works fine. AE for some reason will not accept the paste. Rick's manual codes did not work.


                  Anyway, it works now! I restarted AE. I noticed that in the character map, the "arial" font was selected. I switched it to Times New Roman which is in my AE comp. I was able to paste from the Windows character map.


                  Thanks, guys