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    CPS File Deploymer fails on Linux/Unix

    Freddee Level 1
      If you are running CPS on a Linux/Unix OS, the Simple File Deploymer Service fails to deploy dependancy files. (ie. images, PDF's etc.) along with the parent html files. In fact the dependency files will not even be listed in the web console that is used to select files and deploy them.

      The problem manifests itself when the CPS is run on an OS that is case sensitive. So Windows OS is fine, Linux/Unix etc. is not.

      I could not believe that we were the first to find this issue. So I went looking in forums and chat sites etc. No answers, but I did confirm that we were not the only ones experiencing this issue. So I looked carefully into the CF code to see what it was trying to do. Hello!!! There is a case error in the CF code on the server. The file path code looks for the word "dependencies". Problem is the system actually writes file paths as "Dependencies". See the problem? D does not equal d. Simple as that. So either edit the uncompiled code and compile it. Or if you are like me and dont run a CF server, get a hex editor and edit the compiled binary file.

      I still am appaled that Adobe let this basic flaw in the code, and therefor fundimental functionality, of a product that has gone through severeal version updates. Where is the testing? All it would take is to try use the product just once on a Linux/Unix OS, and test the basic functionality of its core purpose.

      Anyway, there is the pointer for anyone else having issues with this. I hope it helps someone out there.

      PS. We have has this edited version of the binary in production for about 4 months. Tens of thousands of deployments later, still ticking along just fine. Small tip for budding developers...sometimes 99.9% working may as well be 0% working.