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    Good Quality flash video.


      Hi Guys

      I need to produce good quality flash videos for my website, is there any way using PE8 to edit very good quality flash video, so far all videos i edited  to flash are rather poor quality so i have to edit them in MPEG and using Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash convert them to flash do get reasonable result. Is there good way to convert my project to good quality flash video in PE8?

      Please any advice will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks Slav

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          There are basically two possible FLV CODEC's to choose from. I strongly recommend the On2VP6, and not Sorenson Spark (has even been discontinued in PrPro CS5 FLV Export settings) and Flash 8 - High Quality (700kbps) minimum. My FLV Exports have looked very good with those settings. Note: PrE cannot do FLV with Transparency, but you did not mention that, so I assume that it does not play into your needs.


          Good luck,



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            slav7 Level 1

            HI Bill

            Thanks a lot for the suggestion i have tried using different codec and quality has improved - however picture have lots of horizontal lines especially visible on the edges of filmed object i don't know what this is caused by? I am running 64-bit OS RAM-6GB Intel(R) Core(TM)i7CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz 2.80GHz  Graphics Ati Radeon HD5450

            I need to achieve dvd quality video for my website - will getting pro version apart of more features also offer better output quality?

            Any further advice greatly appreciated.

            Thanks Slav

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              That sounds like either a Field Reversal issue, or MPEG compression artifacts.


              You say that you have to edit as MPEG. What is the original source footage, before you go to MPEG to edit. If you can NOT introduce MPEG compression into the workflow, you will be better off. That might also eliminate any Field Reversal problem. MPEG is not designed to be edited, as it is a GOP structure. With HD material, MPEG is used, but the quality hit is not seen as dramatically, because of the higher resolution material.


              Is there any way that we can eliminate that MPEG step?


              Good luck,



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                slav7 Level 1

                Hi Bill


                Thanks for that... at your suggestion I managed to remove the MPEG step by converting the project directly to flash using the different Codec but the result was a picture with vertical lines and ragged edges... but no MPEG !!!


                Would the PRO version give me the results I need?



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Regarding FLV output, PrPro only has a few more options, and then a biggie, if one needs it. One CAN Export to FLV with Transparency, though the use of "Millions + Colors" option. PrE lacks that setting. This is available with the On2VP6 CODEC only, and not with Sorenson Spark, IIRC.


                  Remind me again what the original format/CODEC is for your source files, prior to any conversion.


                  Thanks, and good luck,



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                    slav7 Level 1

                    Hi Bill

                    My source files comes straight from the dv camcorder canon xm2.

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                      I appear to be having the same problems as Slav but I' working with Premier Elements 9 and I'm comparing the output with the output from Premier Pro CS5.


                      I have an i5 processor 2.8GHz 8G RAM and 64bit OS.


                      When I create a Flash file in PrE9 the output has horizontal tearing to the images which make it wirtually unwatchable whilst the same clip when outputted from PrProCS5 the picture is a good as I could hope for.


                      I have used both avi and mts files as source files and the same effect shows in both tests. The mts files is set up as AVCHD 1080i in PAL. Image 1920x1080 25fps


                      I have tried various setting in PrE9 to see if I can get away from the horizontal tearing but to no avail.


                      A friend who has PrE8 has been experiencing the same problems and I thought it was his PC, butthe problem persists when using the same PC.


                      Could there be different variants of the On2 VP6 used in PrE9 (&8) and in PrProCS5? If yes, what is the point of that?



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                        slav7 Level 1

                        Hi Gerry

                        If you use in "always deinterlace"  option this should get rid of the horizontal tearing ages did work for me.

                        Hope this will work for you.


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                          Gerry@ Level 1


                          Many thanks, that worked. I can get on with the real work now!


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                            Ted Smith Level 3

                            Pardon my ignorance but is the "On2VP6 CODEC" included with PE9 or do you have to download it?

                            If the latter, from where and how do I install it?

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              It's included.