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    Horizontal Lines In Video Playback & Rendering


      Good Morning Fellas!


      Just made the transition from PrE to PrPre and I'm having a little problem with 'fine' horizontal lines that turn big and bulky with movement of the the subject being captured (example: football player running or when I pan the camera the lines will get bigger. Picture at bottom of topic)


      Now I'm thinking it is the codecs that I use because I am running several editing programs... PrE, PrPre, Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 & 16, After Effects, and I was told due to the many players I have that this might be causing the problem. I have Divx, Windows Media Player, VLC, FLV, WMC, Real Player. It was also suggested because I have SUPER video converter along with Microsoft Expressions.


      I am currently using K-lite full... and magix required me to download an AC3 codect that is already contained in K-lite, but I 'wiped' the AC3 and this problem still occurs...



      All Mp4 HD files from a hard drive camera


      All DV files

      (separate projects same results)



      System Information.JPG


      (2) 2 TB 'WD My Book' Externals @7200rpm



      default settings


      (((PAGING FILE)))

      Still on C drive because it keeps reverting back to default


      (((Forward To About 55 Seconds)))