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    Contribute 4 wont forget index.htm

    nauticalmac Level 1
      Hi, I'm troubleshooting a customer problem (I'm new to Contribute, using v4). One of the three sites I am now administering was not bringing up the correct home page due to there being both an index.htm and an index.html page on the server. I have removed the incorrect one (index.htm) from the server and cannot get Contribute to forget it. I have tried:
      1. Deleting the connection and creating a new one, browsing to the correct home page. Everything is OK until I open the connection and I get a page not found error. If I add the additional 'l' to index.htm, everything works OK.
      2. Change the order contribute looks for default pages on the Web Server settings, moving index.htm below index.html. Contribute ignores the order and still looks for index.htm.
      3. Deleted index.htm from the default pages list on the Web Server settings. Contribute still looks for index.htm.

      The other two sites were originally set up with index.html pages and work fine. There must be a file, cache, or something either on the site or on my workstation retaining this setting. It's just annoying as I can show the customer how to get round it but I'd like to fix it.