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    Problem with code

      Can someone help me with this code. I am writing the values of codingparam and nop to a text file using this code. But it doesn't write them to file when I use firefox browser , but works just fine with I.e

      // create a new LocalConnection instance used to send
      // calls to a LocalConnection instance in another movie
      nop= new LoadVars();
      codingparam= new LoadVars();
      var parameters:Array = new Array;
      var code;
      var outgoing_lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();

      // event handler when the send button is clicked
      send_btn.onRelease = function(Void):Void {

      // send the methodToExecute method in another movie's
      // LocalConnection listening to "lc_example"
      outgoing_lc.send("lc_example", "methodToExecute", biomarker_txt.text,background_txt.text,coding.text);

      nop.parameters= parameters;
      codingparam.send(" http://localhost:8080/second.php","blank");
      nop.send( " http://localhost:8080/first.php","blank");
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          _name Level 1
          can't give you a definitive answer, but the most obvious thing to look at is your url's. i'm not overly familiar with what you are doing, but could you use _blank instead of blank? you may need to use an underscore at the beginning of your connectionNames in both the sending and receiving LocalConnection objects. also, you may want to experiment with localConnection.allowDomain and localConnection.onStatus.